Apparel Order Forms

Please note, for ease of ordering, we have put together 3 different forms for apparel and equipment for the athletes. If you have any questions about what your swimmer or diver needs, please ask us. Email Michelle Hutter at

IMPORTANT NOTE for those using form filling on the PDF (to send electronically) … after filling out the PDFs be sure to choose ‘Print –> Save as PDF’ to save the data you entered. If you do not, Jana will receive the forms and they will look blank. This is just a Mac and Windows version of Acrobat not playing nice together. 🙂  Please email if you need help. 

Required Apparel and Equipment for Athletes – If you have a returning athlete, PLEASE check to see what they already have (eg: fins, parachute, suit that still fits, etc.). Swimmers NEW to Mercy Swim and Dive will need all required equipment, but only one suit style, of course. I don’t believe divers would need the fins or parachute for training. 🙂  Click Here to download the form


    Cut out back                                  Lingerie back 

Optional Apparel and Equipment for Athletes – If you have a returning athlete, please check to see what your daughter might already have and what may no longer fit, etc. – Click here to download the form

Parent Apparel – This, of course, is not required but it looks so great to the girls on deck to see us sitting together in the stands wearing the same shirts, etc. ready to cheer them all on to do their best each meet – Click here to download the form

Images of items – Click here