What do I need to know as a parent?

Supporting your daughters is key. We are not going to lie…being on a swim and dive team requires a great deal of hard work from the girls as well as the parents. Some of the ways we support our girls outside of the usual …  driving them to practice, FEEDING them at home, listening to them complain about a hard practice and loving them through all of their triumphs and setbacks… plus many more.

What if I choose to provide a hot breakfast after early morning practice?

We take turns feeding the girls after each morning practice. We will post a sign up genius, and you will be asked to provide some type of breakfast, at least once per season, for the girls to eat between practice and classes. Breakfast is to be brought in with your athlete at 5:45 AM OR dropped off on the bench inside the pool deck (quietly and quickly between 6:45 and 6:55 AM). Remember, coolers can keep food both HOT and COLD. I usually drop off 2 coolers – one for the hot items and one for the cold items. The girls will take the items and set them up in the cafeteria to be eaten before classes and must clean up the cafeteria after. They can store any coolers, etc. in the rathole until the end of the day. Whether you choose a hot breakfast day or not, things we recommend are:

  • Chocolate milk – to replace lost carbs and protein after a hard workout
  • Egg dishes like breakfast burritos or other hearty protein dishes
  • Protein balls (Google it – there are tons of recipes)
  • Fruit – Whole fruit or cut up for fruit salad
  • Oatmeal or oatmeal casseroles (lots of dishes with protein options to Google) – Link here, I just add protein powder
  • Bagels
  • All paper products, cups, utensils needed for your meal

What ELSE do I need to know as a parent?

Please give as much time as you can during the season, to help support the girls. We need folks to:

  • Setup and cleanup meals before each meet
  • Prepare grab-and-go food for all swimmers and divers after each meet
  • Help run our fundraisers (Car Wash in August is our BIGGEST)
  • Help find sponsors for the team
  • Help getting photos from the season onto a website called SmugMug
  • Help arranging meals after larger meets, like the Oakland County meet & Catholic Leagues – you would get RSVPs for the meal, arrange for the restaurant and collect $$ from parents. (Swimmers and coaches are paid for by Booster fees)
  • And, many more ways to get involved – from the small to the larger roles.
  • If you are a Freshman parent, and you are not ready to contribute yet – that  is OK – but Sophomore through Senior parents, it takes a Village as they say. 🙂

What are some of the Mercy Swim and Dive Traditions?

Teamwork, hard work, supporting each other and being great teammates is one of the main keys to the success of this program. We will be sharing many of the traditions that make Mercy Marlins great!