Directions to Meets


OFFICIAL ADDRESS: 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

The first time you go there it can be SUPER confusing… I know it took me about 3 tries to find it the first time… and it is a HUGE campus…So, for those that are new to the Cranbrook pool, please follow these directions and you should be fine.

The pool is located off Lone Pine Road between Lahser and Cranbrook Road.  So, for those of you coming from the South/West, like us… do this (If your coming from the North or East, just kind of reverse things…):

1) Take Telegraph Road North and turn right (East) onto Lone Pine Road.

2) Go through the light at Lasher and continue about another 1/2 mile East.

3) Look to your left (North) and you will start to see some Cranbrook signs. There is a small parking lot to the left (North side of Lone Pine) that looks rather small and unassuming. The road name is Orchard Ridge, but NOT well marked. 🙂

4) Turn left (North) into that parking lot, and to your right, at the back of the lot, you will see a gate that has a swing arm. Pull up to that gate, and it will open.

5) Then you will see a larger parking lot mostly to the left, and a football field to your right. Park in that lot, and you will see signs for the Williams Natatorium in the back, right of the parking lot.

Pack a lunch for a rather long walk that begins by going up a ramp, then enter the building on your left. There are signs.  From there, follow the scent of chlorine to the beautiful  – but rather warm – Cranbrook pool.

I hope this is helpful for first-timers! I know I would have appreciated it my first time trying to find their pool. 🙂