Just so you don’t miss anything…

  • Update on Waterford meet in September for Clash of the Underclassmen:

    10:30 – 11:55 a.m. – Swimming Warm-up

    12:00 – Meet Start

    September 28th, 2019
    Waterford Mott High School                
    1151 Scott Lake Rd.
    Waterford, MI 48328

    Coach Venos is working with Mercy to get a bus for the girls and Coach Chile. Stay tuned for more information. 

  • The EGR meet information: 
    • The swimmers and divers are on the same schedule, and will travel together at all times. The girls will be dismissed early with a 1 PM departure.
    • There will be a light grab-and-go lunch as they board the bus.
    • They will check in to their hotel. They have room assignments that are determined by the coaches and captains, with an upperclassmen in each room (aka the ‘Room Mom’).
    • They will eat as a team together, with the coaches.
    • A bus will transport them where they need to go. They may bring their overnight bags to school and leave them in the locker room, to place on the bus with swim bags, etc. when they board the bus.
    • The meet begins at 12 Noon, but it gets crowded early. Parents, please plan to arrive early, so we can sit together as a group.
    • The girls are REQUIRED to ride the bus home after the meet. Any changes to this will require WRITTEN notice to Coach Venos, and Mrs. Malinowski, our Athletic Director, several days in advance.
    • Please pick your daughters up at Mercy after they arrive home on Saturday evening – if they do not drive themselves.  It is usually between 6:30 and 7 PM, depending on the meet length and traffic.
    • It is OK to  send healthy snacks for the hotel, and water or Gatorade for the trip and the hotel. You can also send $$ for snacks, if you prefer.

Parents: If you are planning to stay overnight in Grand Rapids on Friday, I can put together an informal dinner at a great restaurant in downtown EGR. Please let me know, if you plan to attend, so I can make a reservation. mhutter@directmart.com The restaurant is in Gaslight Village very near EGR High School.

  • Check this site for changes and updates, meet information and other information during the season